This page is old. It has some cool stuff that I did a long time ago. But, it's irrelevant in 2021, so head over to my portfolio here:


I've worked on a lot of things that have to do with art, music, design and programming for both digital and print with Disney, Activision, Fox, Sony, Warner Bros, Porsche, Hanes, USAA, Allstate & more.

Specialties: rapid prototyping, creative direction, interaction design, ui, augmented reality, motion comping, graphic design, branding, illustration, experimental visual programming, animation, music production, & soundscapes.

Tools: Pro Tools, Actionscript 1,2,3, Advanced Javascript (jQuery & other libraries), Adobe Suite, PHP, some Java and, & code standards compliance.

Work Samples:

Below is a small screen capture and where possible, a link to some of my favorite work over the years. I've worked on quite a bit more websites as well as plenty of banner ad campaigns and other art projects. If you would like more details on a project or to see ad work please contact me.


Flash AS3 and Art Direction and Design for refreshing updates on the website with 65 Media.

Steven Spielberg's: War Horse

I designed the layout and put together the CSS/HTML/Javascript in Wordpress to get this site looking killer with 65 Media.

Best Buy: Social Holiday Card

Flash AS3 and Facebook API used to make this pretty rad custom holiday card designer. Put your own face in the card and send your friends! Designed and programmed at Design Kitchen.

Mcdonalds Smoothies Spin Art

Helped The Material Group develop this spin art generator in AS3.

Domani Studios Holiday Card

Me and Scott Hiers developed this tutorial for Adobe & Creative Cow under Domani Studios.

Black & Mild: Music Editor

I developed and Roger Macedo designed this amazing music editing program for B&M was developed by me at Domani Studios & concepted by Leo Burnett. The app lets you drag samples into any order you wish and then, in real-time, save an MP3 to your desktop. The heavy lifting of creating the MP3 is handled by Oddcast.

Hanesbrands: Climb with us

This website for Hanes was concepted and developed by Domani Studios for Maddock Douglas. It has video, Papervision3D transitions and a very intense Kentico backend.

Porsche: I Can. Version 1

Concepted by Cramer Krasselt and developed by Domani Studios. This project has Papervision3D and video transitions to give the user a very immursive experience while showing them how Porsche's aren't all that expensive. It featured a mini Photoshop app that let you upload your house and put a Porsche in the driveway. It was also the highest performing microsite for Porsche. Ever.

Porsche: I Can. Version 2

Version 2 was a leaner but sexier version of the I can. website to cut down on bandwidth and time navigating from one page to the next.

Rhythm Heaven

Leo Burnett concepted and Domani developed a huge online ad campaign for Nintendo's Rhythm Heaven game for the DS. I did quite a bit of animation for banners. I also learned C++ to help develop an iTunes viusalizer. We did not build the website.


Project with my friend, Zutto, a russian illustrator. It hasn't been completed, but basically it's a journey through a landscape of Zutto's digital brain.

Solokill - Tattoo Artist

I designed and developed everything about this website for my tattoo artist, Robin King.


Domani developed an immursive website for a startup hair products company. At the end of the project, they decided they would rather use a very simplistic HTML site instead.

The Simpsons Movie

Helped develop this website for Fox while freelancing with 65 Media.


I developed the Ratatouille site from my room in Indiana while freelancing for 65 Media. This was one of my favorite sites to work on. Emily Boisvert rules!

Breach: Uncover The Mole (game).

I was contracted by 65 Media to do the feature part of this site. It's a mini-game where by taking a quiz you uncover a set of historical moles in the FBI.

Eragon Movie

Contracted by 65 to develop two of the games for the movie website.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Contracted by 65 Media to re-develop this website from the ground up using OOP and AS3 so that it could be more flexible, updatable and localized for many languages. I ended up programming quite a few of the graphical elements with code instead of photoshop.

Spiderman 3: The Game

Took over this project mid-way through for 65 Media and finished and localized it for many languages.

Tony Hawk's Project 8

Helped develop and concept this website while working fulltime at 65 Media. Fun story: we went to Tony's house and filmed him in his back yard pool doing some stuff for the site. But, HD cameras were new and we rented an SD one by accident, so we couldn't even use the footage like we wanted, we had to put a "tiny Tony" that skated into the website like a sk8r clippy...

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam

While working at 65 I developed and helped with design this website for Activision in 1 week. It was intense, but turned out awesome.

Call of Duty 3

Helped develop this while working at 65 for Activision.


Developed a dynamic and very updatabale portal to Disney's Narnia Franchise site while working at 65.

Sundance Institute

Helped develop this while working at 65.

Claire Pettibone

Developed a lingerie site for Claire Pettibone and updates to other Claire sites while working with my friends at Solid Workshop. Solid doesn't exist anymore but it's owner, Casey Fluster is still kicking ass as a creative director in LA.

Designed and developed front end HTM, CSS, Javascript and much more with Iventus Agency.

Air National Guard

Helped Domani Studios develop and hone in some games using Augmented Reality in Flash for Air National Guard.

The Ann & George Lopez Foundation

Programmed front and back end of this site for 65 Media.